Political Action Committee (PAC)


PRVCA’s PAC is a powerful voice for the RV and camping industry and Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association members.

What is a PAC?

PAC is short for Political Action Committee. PACs are formed to advance united interests and speak as one powerful voice. PACs pool campaign contributions from like-minded people with common political goals to maximize the impact of contributions to candidates.

PACs are regulated with stringent reporting requirements and are closely monitored by the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC), ensuring transparency and compliance with FEC rules. PACs provide a united voice to amplify messages and ensure that elected officials hear and understand their message. They support candidates who share their views.

Help us protect and advance the priorities of Pennsylvania’s RV and camping industry, support PRVCA PAC with your personal contribution. All donations must be made by personal check.

Information on Federal Contribution Limits

To make a personal contribution to PRVC PAC, fill in this form and mail it with your contribution to:

4000 Trindle Road
Camp HIll, PA 17011